Innovation begins with an idea.

Here at the Garfield Innovation Center, we help bring those ideas to life to create better experiences for our members, clinicians, and employees.

Kaiser Permanente teams apply their field experience to explore new care solutions through hands-on simulations, quick prototyping, and technology testing. Successful initiatives evolve into pilot programs in Kaiser Permanente medical centers, clinics, offices across the nation – and sometimes even around the world. As the largest health care innovation center in the country, we inspire the people of Kaiser Permanente to imagine the future of health care and give them tools to create it. We’re proud to be part of innovations that save lives, time, and resources.


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Good health everywhere

Good Health Everywhere You Go In a groundbreaking new approach, teams across Kaiser Permanente are…

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Small change, big results

Small change, big results KP MedRite is one example of an extremely effective yet low-cost…

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Doctor and patient in a mock hospital room

Bringing a hospital room to life

Bringing a hospital room to life When you visit a hotel these days, you can…

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Virtual Visit

Everyone knows the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Well, our interactive virtual tour is practically an encyclopedia of all things Garfield Innovation Center. Not only can you navigate to view all the diverse areas under our roof, you can hear from our experts on the functions and goals for each of our areas and meet actual project teams.

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Vendor Information

Garfield Innovation Center appreciates your interest in testing products or equipment in our non-clinical simulated environment; however, we do not deal with vendors directly. Please see below for contact information.

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Information Technology

Vendors interested in testing these items may contact the Kaiser Permanente National Products Council at

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Medical Equipment and Supplies

Vendors interested in testing these items may contact the Kaiser Permanente National Products Council at

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Pharmaceutical products are not tested at the Garfield Innovation Center.

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Robotics Legs Among Items Tested at Kaiser Labs

Robotic Legs Among Items Tested at Kaiser Labs San Francisco Chronicle, January 26, 2011 Ted…

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A Breath of Fresh Air for Health Care

A Breath of Fresh Air for Health Care New York Times, December 13, 2009  “Optimistic”…

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Innovation is
in Our DNA

The Garfield Center is named after Kaiser Permanente’s founding physician, Dr. Sidney Garfield.  He was a passionate innovator of hospital design, care delivery, and the power of computers in health care.

Dr. Garfield pioneered a game changing health care delivery model that kept people well, in addition to providing care when ill. He envisioned a system that encouraged members to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which ultimately became the roots of Kaiser Permanente’s “Thrive” motto.

Dr. Garfield’s curiosity and drive to improve systems are reflected in the mission, projects, and future-minded vision of our Center today.

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Sidney Garfield sitting on a bench