Jones, Trevejah

Trevejah Jones

Administrative Assistant – Scheduling

Thinking of using the Garfield Center for an innovation project? Trevejah will be your first point of contact in the process. She ensures we have availability to accommodate your request, and can answer any questions you have regarding any spaces or places in the Garfield Center.

Trevejah’s background in providing extensive customer service for over a decade with Marriott has equipped her to bring her passion to go the extra mile for guests at the Garfield Center. Prior to joining the Garfield Center team, Trevejah provided program production and administration support for UCLA’s Continuing Education of the Bar. This experience makes her the perfect navigator when it comes to managing complex schedules and timelines.

When Trevejah is not busy doing her own party planning or singing the latest tunes, she enjoys settling in with the latest non-fiction novels or going out to visit local county fairs – deep-fried watermelon, anyone?

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Trevejah Jones