Small change, big results

KP MedRite is one example of an extremely effective yet low-cost protocol developed at the center. It involves three simple procedures to make medication delivery safer:

  • Step-by-step workflow — Consistent protocol for administering medications
  • “No interruption” wear — Sash or vest a nurse wears while preparing and administering drugs that signals others to not interrupt
  • Sacred zones — Clearly outlined “do not disturb” areas where nurses prepare medications to be administered

Since its launch, KP MedRite has been implemented in most of our hospitals and adopted by outside health care agencies. And the program has been recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Harvard Business Review for its popularity as a low-tech, high-return investment in innovation.

Adopting KP MedRite resulted in:
50% reduction in the number of staff interruptions
15% faster medication administration
18% increase in on-time medication administration