Video Chatting

Good health everywhere

Good Health Everywhere You Go In a groundbreaking new approach, teams across Kaiser Permanente are coming together to build an accessible and continuous vision of care delivery. We call it “Imagining Care Anywhere.” It fosters a singular experience through techniques…

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Small change, big results

Small change, big results KP MedRite is one example of an extremely effective yet low-cost protocol developed at the center. It involves three simple procedures to make medication delivery safer: Step-by-step workflow — Consistent protocol for administering medications “No interruption”…

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Doctor And Patient In A Mock Hospital Room

Bringing a hospital room to life

Bringing a hospital room to life When you visit a hotel these days, you can pay your bill, schedule activities, even order room service — all through your television. Imagine doing the same at your hospital. The Garfield Innovation Center…

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Designing the Future of Health Care

Designing the Future of Health Care CCA Glance Magazine, Spring, 2015 The medical industry is constantly updating it's practices as innovators find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of services for both providers and clients.

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Seeing the Doctor of the Future

Seeing the Doctor of the Future HP Matter: The Healthcare Issue, January, 2015 Kaiser Permanente and other companies are applying everything from telehealth to monitoring to mobile clinics to reimagine the conventional doctor's appointment.

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Bringing the Customer’s Voice into Medicine

Bringing the Customer's Voice into Medicine Harvard Business Review, November 24, 2014 The avatars in the interactive videos include a young Latino couple going through their first pregnancy and a diabetes diagnosis, and a biracial Medicare couple dealing with early…

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